First VetBioNet Stakeholders’ Meeting

To achieve its goals and maximise its impact, VetBioNet aims at identifying potential stakeholders and develop mechanisms for exchanging knowledge with them. To this end, the VetBioNet consortium held a Stakeholders’ Meeting on 27th and 28th November at COPA-COGECA in Brussels.

The event took the form of two half days of presentations and workshops with evening networking. The meeting provided an opportunity for potential stakeholders to gain an overview of the VetBioNet project and to plan future interactions or collaborations with the consortium. During the last session of the event, stakeholders were allocated into small working groups to discuss their needs relating to VetBioNet activities and how these needs could be sustained. Each group had 3 discussions lasting 45 minutes each in the company of a facilitator from VetBioNet partners. Different aspects of the project were covered, including:

  1. transnational access activities and related call for proposals;
  2. best practices;
  3. ethics and societal impact;
  4. data resources, communication and dissemination;
  5. stakeholders’ engagement.

If you are interested in interacting with the VetBioNet project, please contact Frederic Lantier ( and Gary Entrican (