VetBioNet Transnational Access (TNA) project call

The VetBioNet Transnational Access (TNA)
project call is now closed. 

Please consult our ongoing offer of cost-free TNA opportunities on the website of the ISIDORe project.





* EPIZOOTIC AND ZOONOTIC DISEASES Incl. African swine fever, avian influenza, West-Nile fever, COVID-19, MERS, Rabies, bTB, viral fish diseases and other terrestrial & aquatic animal diseases


What we are offering

(Complete list of partner infrastructures and services in the table below)

Free-of-charge access to:

  • BSL-2/BSL-3 animal facilities incl. animal purchase and husbandry

Livestock, ferrets, rodents, wildlife species and teleost fish

  • Animal study support

Inoculation, clinical monitoring, necropsies, pathological scoring, sampling and sample processing, etc.

  • Laboratory capacities and expertise

E.g. pathogen quantification, serological monitoring, histopathological scoring and data analysis

  • State-of-the-art technical platforms

E.g. OMICS, imaging, cell sorting and telemetry

  • Biobanks

Infectious or decontaminated serum and tissue samples, cell lysates, nucleic acids, etc.

  • Sample on demand services

Customised preparation of noninfectious/decontaminated samples from BSL-3 pathogen infection experiments for downstream analyses in a BSL-1 laboratory setting.

Who can apply?

European and international research teams or private enterprises

Find eligibility criteria here

More information & Contact

TNA call further details


Related public deliverables:

Organisation Country Facility Animals (excl. rodents) Biosafety level Website Contact
INRAE FR Plate-Forme d'Infectiologie Expérimentale (PFIE) livestock, wildlife 2-3 website Stephane Abrioux
INRAE FR Infectiologie Expérimentale des Rongeurs et des Poissons (IERP) fish 2 website Bernard Cayron
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research NL WBVR HCU livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Norbert Stockhofe
Friedrich-Loeffler Institut DE FLI Insel Riems livestock, ferrets, wildlife, fish 2-4, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Martin Groschup
The Pirbright Institute UK livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Ryan Waters
Animal & Plant Health Agency UK APHA Weybridge livestock, ferrets 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Hugh Simmons
Moredun Research Institute UK livestock 2-3 website Keith Ballingall
INIA ES Animal Health Research Centre (CISA) livestock, wildlife, fish 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Esther Blanco
IRTA ES Centre for Research on Animal Health (CReSA) livestock, ferrets, wildlife 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Albert Bensaid
EDI-IVI CH Institute of Virology and Immunology livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Artur Summerfield
PIWET PL PIWET-PULAWY livestock 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Miroslav Pavel Polak
Aarhus University DK Department of Animal Science poultry 2 website Tina Sørensen Dalgaard
ANSES FR Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort Laboratory livestock, fish 2-3, cat 3+/BSL-3AG website Alassane Keita
ANSES FR Nancy Laboratory for Rabies and Wildlife ferrets, wildlife 2-3 website Sandrine Lesellier
Erasmus MC NL Erasmus Laboratory Animal Science Center ferrets 2-3 website Martje Fentener van Vlissingen
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie IT fish 2-3 website Anna Toffan