VetBioNet seeks to complement and strengthen the present European capacity and competence to meet the challenges of (re)emerging infectious diseases by establishing a comprehensive network of pre-eminent European high-containment (BSL3) infrastructures, international organisations, and industry partners that is dedicated to advance research on epizootic and zoonotic diseases and to promote technological developments.

To reach this overall objective VetBioNet will:

  • Promote and facilitate Transnational Access (TNA) to the infrastructure resources of the network, including BSL3 animal experimental facilities and laboratories, technological platforms, and sample collections
  • Promote technological development by involving private partners in the integrating activities of the network and by providing a communication platform for bidirectional exchange with industry stakeholders (Stakeholder Platform)
  • Enhance the preparedness of the major European BSL3 research infrastructures to accelerate the response to (re)emerging epizootic and zoonotic threats by sharing capacities beyond the infrastructures
  • Harmonise Best Practices and promote the use of global standards in European BSL3 infrastructures
  • Forge cooperative relationships with non-European BSL3 infrastructures, research institutes, industrial partners, international organisations, and policy makers
  • Ensure high ethical standards and clarify the social impact of VetBioNet research work
  • Develop and implement a Sustainability Plan for the network to continue beyond the five-year term of funding
  • Carry out Joint Research Activities (JRAs) designed to improve the scientific and technological standards of the integrated services provided by the network infrastructures