SAVE THE DATE: Avian Immunology Flow Cytometry Symposium 21st-22nd March

We are delighted to announce the first Avian Immunology Flow Cytometry Symposium being held on the 21st-22nd of March 2022 in Edinburgh at the Roslin Institute in conjunction with the Comparative and Veterinary Immunology Group (CVIG), through the British Society for Immunology (BSI) and the H2020 Veterinary Biocontained research facility Network (VetBioNet).

The Symposium sets out to demonstrate the progress being made in techniques of flow cytometry in the field of avian immunological research. On the afternoon of 21st of March, expert speakers across the field of avian immunology will demonstrate current efforts to study phenotype and function of avian immune cells. On the 22nd of March, a limited number of participants can attend an in-person workshop at the Roslin Institute to provide novice and experienced avian researchers insights into flow cytometry techniques, pitfalls, reagents and analytical practices. Attendees of the workshop will be selected based on abstract submission and prior flow cytometry experience.

We hope to engage in a productive, highly interactive discussions concerning the successes, pitfalls and limitations to working on avian immune cells with limited reagents. These limitations will not only be specific to avian research, therefore anyone interested in and/or has experience with flow cytometry are welcome. It is hoped that the success of this symposium will lead to further workshops encompassing more species in future CVIG meetings.

The BSI and VetBioNet will provide financial support to facilitate attendance. Accommodation expenses for workshop attendees will be organised and covered by VetBioNet, please contact Prof Lonneke Vervelde for more details. The workshop will be delivered with full adherence to government guidelines, and includes proof of vaccination.

The Symposium Programme is available here.

Registration and abstract submission will open soon at BSI website.