VetBioNet Fall Course on biosafety by IRTA-CReSA

A fall course providing a general introduction to key biosafety and biocontainment concepts will be held online October 5-7.

Registration is closed! Sorry, we have reached the full capacity for this course.

The course is organized into 12 lectures covering many biosafety and biocontainment issues such as: hazard criteria and categorization, biosafety and biosecurity, risk assessment, commissioning and decommissioning, personal protective equipment, fumigation, waste management, shipment of biological infectious substances, among others.

Lectures have been pre-registered and at the end of each daily session, an online live discussion will be held.

This course is especially recommended for individuals working in biocontainment facilities who want to refresh concepts or approach them in a different way, as well as for PhD students interested in biosafety and biocontainment issues.

Fall course Agenda

Registration deadline: September 30, 2021

Registration will be on a strict first-come, first-served basis until the total number of 30 seats is reached. Registered participants will be contacted by the organiser of the Fall Course via email.

This Fall Course on biocontainment and biosafety is an output/Deliverable of the VetBioNet Work Package 5 “Dissemination and Training” led by EAAP.