VetBioNet Facilities Available for TNA Projects


Here below you can find the full list and description of VetBioNet facilities available for hosting successful TNA project proposals. The same information on each facility is also available in the online application form, that will appear after completion and signature of the online consent form for processing of your personal data.



Org. Facility Location Unit of access Access contact
INRA PFIE (Plate-Forme d’Infectiologie Expérimentale/Platform for Experimental Infectiology) Nouzilly, France 1 day 
INRA Imaging/Surgery Platform CIRE (Chirurgie et Imagerie pour la Recherche et l’Enseignement/Surgery and Imaging for Research and Teaching) Nouzilly, France 1 day
INRA Bioconfined Fish Facility IERP (Installation Experimentale Rongeurs et Poissons / Fish and Rodents Experimental Facility) Jouy-en-Josas, France 1 day
WBVR Wageningen Bioveterinary Research BSL3 (Veterinary 4) Laboratory and Animal Facilities Lelystad, the Netherlands 1 animal contact hour
FLI Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute Greifswald – Insel Riems, Germany access facility animal room for 7 days
TPI The Pirbright Institute (ISO10 and ISO11 Buildings) Pirbright, Woking and Guildford, United Kingdom 1 room per week
APHA 265 Addlestone, UK 1 month
APHA 268 Addlestone, UK 1 month
APHA Cat 2 Addlestone, UK 1 month
MRI Moredun Research Institute and Facilities within the Pentlands Science Park Penicuik, UK 1 month
INIA Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (INIA-CISA) Madrid, Spain 1 month
IRTA Animal Facility Barcelona, Spain 1 month, 2 animal experimental boxes
IRTA Animal and BSL3 Laboratories Facilities Barcelona, Spain 1 month, 2 animal boxes and 1 BSL3
laboratory area
IRTA BSL3/2 Laboratories Barcelona, Spain 1 month, 1 laboratory area
EDI-IVI Animal Facility Mittelhäusern, Switzerland 1 month
EDI-IVI BSL3 Lab Mittelhäusern, Switzerland 1 month
EDI-IVI High Technology Lab Mittelhäusern, Switzerland 1 month 
PIWET MFB Pulawy, Poland 1 month
MS Ellis Aquarium Aberdeen, UK 1 day/room 
AU Aarhus University – Dept. of Animal Science Tjele, Denmark 1 week
ANSES SPPAE Service (Pig) Ploufragan/Plouzané, France 4 weeks
ANSES SELEAC Service (Poultry, Rabbit) Ploufragan/Plouzané, France 4 weeks
ANSES PVP Unit (Fish) Ploufragan/Plouzané, France 8 weeks
ANSES ANSES Nancy Wildlife Atton, France 8 weeks
RI Roslin Institute BSL2/3 Laboratories Edinburgh, UK 1 day per researcher
EMC EDC Rotterdam, The Netherlands 1 airborne transmission experiment between 2 independent donor/recipient ferret pairs
IZSVe IZSVe Experimental Aquarium Legnaro (Padova), Italy 1 entrance of graduate staff (corresponding to about 0,5 working day)